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Anatomy t-shirt 3D
Manufacturer: Dionisio Zapatero
Part Number: ARG 5111

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Unique 3D anatomical rash guard "Martial Artist" designed and developed by Dionisio Zapatero® with the assistance of Traditional European Martial Arts Federation (TEMAF) as a convenient and practical visual aids for fans of historical fencing, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and many other kinds of martial arts and combat sports, as well as for body building, power lifting etc.

 Unlike cotton, rash guard dry quickly and do not become a burden to the fighter. Light weight turns rash guard into a second skin, and makes it wearing on practicing tactile invisible. During a break rash guard does not give the body cool down, and thus protects muscles and ligaments against injuries.

Also our anatomical rash guard "Martial Artist by Dionisio Zapatero®" has another undoubted plus advantageously distinguishes it from plain t-shirts with the regular print - special sublimation technology allows to withstand hundreds of washings with almost no loss of image quality.

Designed by martial artists for martial artists

Made in Latvia (EU)

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